INES 2007

11th International Conference on Intelligent Engineering Systems

The series of INES conferences started in 1997 and they are considered one of the most important scientific events in the intelligent engineering systems field. This conference is a special one, since the founders and organizers celebrate the 10th Anniversary of launching INES conferences.

Topics: Artificial Intelligence in Engineering: Reasoning, Learning, Decision Making, Knowledge Based Systems, Expert Systems CAD/CAM/CAE Systems: Product Modeling, Shape Modeling, Manufacturing Process Planning Communications Software and Systems in Engineering: Design Methodologies and Tools, Object-oriented, UML, Software Engineering Computational Intelligence in Engineering: Machine Learning, Genetic Algorithms, Neural Nets, Fuzzy Systems, Fuzzy and Neuro-fuzzy Control Intelligent Manufacturing Systems: Production Planning and Scheduling, Rapid Prototyping, Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Collaborative Engineering, Concurrent Engineering Intelligent Mechatronics and Robotics Systems: Control, Perception and Recognition, Sensing and Sensor Data Fusion, Intelligent Sensors, Intelligent Motion Control, Service Robots Intelligent Transportation Systems: Navigation Systems, On-board Systems, Real-time Traffic Control Man-Machine Systems: Human Computer Interaction, Multimedia Communications, Advanced Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality Ontologies and Semantic Engineering: Ontology, Thesaurus, Disambiguation, Semantic Inference, Natural Language Interaction Systems Engineering: Systems Analysis, Systems Methodology, Self-Organizing Systems, Systems Integration, Large Scale Systems, Systems Simulation, Diagnosis and Performance Monitoring Logo:s


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  • Lotfi A. Zadeh, USA Fumio Harashima, Japan - Honorary Chairs
  • A. K. Bejczy, JPL/CALTECH, USA T. Fukuda, Univ. of Nagoya, Japan B. Wilamowski, Auburn University, USA - Honorary Committee
  • Rudas Imre - General Chair

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