Recent Advances in Quantum Computing and Technology.

Recent Advances in Quantum Computing and Technology (ReAQCT) is the first in a new series of scientific conferences with the aim to bring together scientists and industry experts working in the field of quantum computing and quantum technology. Scope of the conference ReAQCT 2024 will focus on the following five main topics of quantum computing and technology. Additional topics may be included if a sufficient number of high-quality presentations are submitted.

Quantum Algorithms & Information, Quantum Error Correction,  Quantum Software Engineering, HPC & Quantum Computing, Quantum Sensing.

Each topic will feature one keynote or invited speaker, along with a contributed session consisting of 4-8 talks as well as opportunities for poster presentations for the scientific community to present and discuss their latest results. Contributions can also be published in the peer-reviewed proceedings of the conference.

In addition to the scientific program, tutorial sessions will be organised to assist those who are newcomers to the field with a generic scientific or technical background. These sessions will help them get started in certain specific domains of quantum computing (e.g., the basics of quantum information, or the qiskit toolkit for quantum computing, etc.).



Rendező szervek:

Budapest/Bosch Campus

  • Natalia Ares - University of Oxford, Thomas Strohm - Robert Bosch GmbH, Frank Wilhelm-Mauch - Forschungszentrum Jülich - Keynote Speakers
  • Adam Gali - HUN-REN Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Matteo Rossi - Algorithmiq, James Wootton - IBM Research Zurich, Anton Frisk - Kockum Chalmers University of Technology - Invited Speakers

Létrehozva: 2024.04.04. 20:00
Utolsó módosítás: 2024.05.05. 19:11