IWSSIP Konferencia. 1994

International Workshop on Image Processing. First IWSSIP

1st International Workshop on Image Processing: Theory, Methodology, Systems and Applications


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  • Fazekas Kálmán - Chair

Kiadvány adatai:

Papers were published in the special issue of the Journal on Communications, Vol. XLV, May-June 1994, Guest Editor: Kalman Fazekas, ISSN 0866-5583

Experts from 18 countries presented their new results and 2 tutorials were given by well known scientists;

Résztvevők száma:
18 ország

Egyéb megjegyzés:

IWSSIP INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SYSTEMS, SIGNALS AND IMAGE PROCESSING IWSSIP was founded by Professor Kalman Fazekas from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, Hungary, who initiated it in June 1994 as a scientific event meant to stir the research in theory, methodology, systems and applications of signal and image processing, and to attract and stimulate young researchers.

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