Grammar Systems Week 2004

Grammar Systems Week 2004 Konferencia

Grammar Systems is a well-recognized field of formal language theory providing both syntactic models for describing multi-agent systems at the symbolic level and distributed models of language. The theory has been inspired and influenced by sev- eral scientific areas: distributed and decentralized artificial intelligence, distributed and parallel computing, artificial life, molecular computing, robotics, ecology, so- ciology, etc. Computer networks, parallel and distributed computer architectures, distributed and cooperative text processing, natural language processing are among the candidates for possible applications. So far approximately four hundred publications have been published in the area, among other things a monograph in 1994, and a chapter of the Handbook of Formal Languages in 1997. Grammar systems was the topic of several Ph.D and M.Sc theses. The workshop Grammar Systems Week 2004 is the fifth one in a series of work- shops started in 1995 in Mangalia, organized by Gheorghe P ̆aun; the series continued in 1996, by a workshop organized by Erzs ́ebet Csuhaj-Varj ́u in Budapest. The third workshop was organized by Alica Kelemenov ́a in Brno in 1998, and the fourth one was organized by Rudolf Freund and Franziska Freund in Bad Ischl in 2000.

Aims and scope. The workshop intends to provide a platform for exchanging information and for joint work on new ideas, recent results, trends and perspectives in the theory of grammar systems and related scientific areas, discussing motivations and suggestions for future research and applications. It is planned to combine the advantages of regular workshops and one week scholarships, that is, it will consists of both regular talks and reserved time for free discussions. The emphasis is on the joint work together for one week, like it was in the case of the successful workshops “Brainstorming Week on Membrane Computing” in 2003 and 2004. Since there are several subfields and research directions in Grammar Systems and there are several related scientific areas to the theory, the workshop is planned to consist of “Days”, “Afternoons”, each “Day” and/or “Afternoon” is devoted to a certain topic, as “Bio-computing Day” and “Descriptional Complexity Day”.


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  • Erzsébet Csuhaj-Varjú (Budapest, Hungary, Chair), Jürgen Dassow (Magdeburg, Germany), Rudolf Freund (Vienna, Austria), Jozef Kelemen (Opava, Czech Republic), Alica Kelemenová (Opava, Czech Republic), Gheorghe Paun (Seville, Spain; Bucharest, Romania) - Steering committee

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Proceedings of Grammar Systems Week 2004 Budapest, Hungary, July 5-9, 2004 Edited by E. Csuhaj-Varju and Gy. Vaszil MTA SZTAKI, Budapest, 2004

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