Copernicus Symposium on Quality, Logistics and Technology Management

The symposium will provide an open forum to discuss the latest developments and trends in quality, logistics and technology management. The sessions on quality will emphasize total quality management, and quality standards and certification. Attention will be paid to the dual topic of quality in re-engineering and re-engineering for quality. Topics under the logistics theme will include inter- and intra-enterprise logistics from one of a kind to mass production and will cover service industries. Logistics related to recycling will also be addressed. Three main topics will be covered under the theme of technology management: access to technology, exploitation of technology, and management of change. Several ESPRIT and COPERNICUS projects will be presented. Emphasis will be on exchanging practical experience in the deployment of information technology solutions. The symposium will also provide a platform to meet industrialists, representatives of industrial associations, regional and national authorities, and researchers from the East and West. Information will be provided on cooperation possibilities in research and technological development.


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