WSPS 2020

This winter school is going to be the 7th so far. Its goals are to strengthen scientific and professional relationships among PhD students in Hungary, and also to supply them with relevant theoretical and practical knowledge which they can apply to their respective fields of research. This year’s programme consists of two parts: theoretical and practical workshops focusing on human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence where the lecturers are researchers from different universities; poster section, where all applicants from the field of information technology or mathematics are welcome.

The aim of our winter school is dual: improve the multidisciplinary scientific network of PhD students by inviting them to present their work in poster sessions, and improve professional skills in an intensive workshop. Each year, the workshop has a topic relevant for a wide audience. Internationally renowned scientists will give a number of in-depth lectures; these will be accompanied by seminar sessions where attendees will be able to explore topics in an interactive, hands-on way. This year’s topic is human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence.



Rendező szervek:


  • Dr. Péter Zoltán Baranyi (Széchenyi István University), Dr. Ádám Balázs Csapó (Széchenyi István University), Dr. Márk Jelasity (University of Szeged), Dr. Veronika Szücs (University of Pannonia) - Lecturers

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