The HEPTech Academia-Industry Matching Event (AIME) focusing on big data applications in science and industry, hosted by the Wigner Research Center for Physics in Budapest, Hungary, on 30-31 March 2015, explored the possible answers to this question. The aim of the event was to bring together academia and industry to share ideas and potential applications,and to foster collaborations in the newly emerging field of big data and related areas. It discussed some of the challenges that future HEP projects could face when generating and analyzing scientific data and examined new solutions. The topics addressed, such as Storage in Big Data, Connectivity, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Medical Applications, Data Visualization, and Analytics attracted 87 participants from 12 countries. Among them were companies like Microsoft, UStream, HP, SAS and Intel Corporation(UK). This was the first AIME organized jointly by HEPTech andWigner RCP. The idea for the topic of the event came from Wigner Data Center, 70% of which is working for CERN.


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HEPTech is a High-Energy Physics Technology Transfer Network, fostered by CERN. It is composed of institutions active in particle, astro-particle and nuclear physics. The mission of HEPTech is to enhance technology transfer from fundamental research in physics to society. We define technology transfer as an exchange or sharing of intellectual property, knowledge, skills, processes or technologies across different organisations and industry. HEPTech is mandated by and reports to the CERN Council and its programme is aligned with the directives of the European Strategy for Particle Physics.

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