GPU Day – 2017

The 7th in the conference series organized by the Wigner Research Centre for Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences is dedicated to the field of many-core computing in scientific and industrial applications.

TOPICS INCLUDE: Current status and near-future of many-core hardware and software Many-core computing in physics and other fields of science Medical applications of parallel technologies Machine Learning, neural networks, feature recognition Image processing, computer vision and reconstruction Industrial applications of many-core computing Many-core computing in education Mobile and embedded parallel computing in science Emerging accelerator platforms Development technologies (languages, compilers, tools)


Rendező szervek:


  • Dániel BERÉNYI (Wigner RCP) Máté Ferenc NAGY-EGRI (Wigner RCP) Gábor Cseh (Wigner RCP) Gergely Gábor BARNAFÖLDI (Wigner RCP) - Szervezők

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