EFOMP konferencia

First Conference on Medical Physics Education and Training.

The objectives of the Conference were:

– To increase the East/West European co-operation in the field of Medical Physics;

– To establish the status and needs of education and training in Medical Radiation Physics in Central/Eastern European countries;

– To formulate proposals for the advancement of post-graduate education in Medical Radiation Physics and identify resource sharing initiatives;

– To consider the need for a Training Authority and a professional network in the field of Medical Physics & Engineering in Central/Eastern Europe.

Two general discussions (round tables) followed which focused on two major themes:

– education and accreditation of centres for education & training;

– training and continuing professional development.


Rendező szervek:
  • MATE
  • EFOMP (European Federation of the Organisations for Medical Physics)


  • C Roberts, S Tabakov, C Lewis, V Tabakova, D Smith - Szervezőbizottság
  • P Zarand, N Richter, I Polgar. - Helyi szervezőbizottság

Kiadvány adatai:

All presentations from the Conference were later included in the book “Medical Radiation Physics – A European Perspective”, editors C Roberts, S Tabakov, C Lewis, King’s College London, 1995 . The book  was also published as an electronic PDF book (on a floppy disk) and distributed in most Medical Physics Societies in Europe and the world (more than 1000 copies of the book and the diskette were distributed). The diskette with the electronic book was one of the first e-books in the world.

Egyéb megjegyzés:

Galéria: Some of the delegates to the European Conference on Post-graduate Education in Medical Radiation Physics was held 12-14 November 1994, Budapest. The Delegates to the Conference included: C Roberts, S Tabakov, C Lewis, P Zarand, N Richter, I Polgar, M Radwanska, F Milano, M Ribas-Morales, J Gomes da Silva, V Orel, V Laginova, S Kovacova, L Musilek, W Selentag, S Aid, M Gershkevich, S Sheriff, M Vrtar, Y Lemoigne, P Frangopol, N Sheahan, A Vaitkus, C Milu, H Zackova, I Stamboliev, B Proimos, A Karadjov, I-L Lamm, P Trindev, M Morawska-Kaczinska, I Tarutin, S Spyrou, A Benini, G Pawlicki, Y Dekhtyar, D Gubatova, V Tabakova, D Smith, G Kemikler, I Ozbay, T Ratner, A Noel, B Aubert.

A konferencia létrejöttéről, és folytatásáról lásdSlavik Tabakov:   HISTORY OF MEDICAL PHYSICS EDUCATION AND TRAINING IN CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPE – FIRST CONFERENCES, PROJECTS AND MSC COURSES. MEDICAL PHYSICS INTERNATIONAL Journal, Special Issue, History of Medical Physics 4, 2020.

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