DH Budapest 2022

DH_Budapest_2022 & DARIAH DAYS Conference. DH: Digital Humanities at ELTE.


This year, DH_BUDAPEST_2022 aims to explore the topic of networks and networking. Network as a metaphor has been a tool of conceptualizing phenomena for a long time in the humanities, yet, with the emerging availability of digital and digitized datasets, it also has become a tool of quantitative analysis and data visualization. Today, the terms network and networking are widely used in humanities-related research from the investigation of semantic structures through the circulation of ideas, people and artefacts to collaboration patterns of institutions. Further, researchers have raised novel questions of self-reflection in the humanities regarding the epistemological grounds and consequences of the usage of tools and techniques developed in the natural sciences. We invite speakers to discuss the terms networks and networking from multiple standpoints at an international research forum; papers that use innovative, data-driven, computational methods are especially encouraged. We welcome submissions on subjects from a variety of fields related to digital humanities and social sciences concerning but not limited to the following topics: Data linking and databases; Semantic networks and the usage of the semantic web; Research groups and connections in the field of digital humanities; Data visualisation in scientific research; Prospects of network analysis in the humanities; Theoretical approaches to networks and networking.

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  • Mathieu Jacomy; Roland Molontay - Keynote speakerek

Létrehozva: 2022.09.24. 11:49
Utolsó módosítás: 2023.10.31. 16:50