Craft Conference 2015

CRAFT Conference 2015

Even though there is a huge amount of material on this topic, the problem of maintainable, sustainable and successful software development is not yet solved. So it is important to have events dedicated to this topic, where people can learn about and collaborate on how to deal with the problem of building the right thing on the right way, and how to push for finding better solutions. We wanted to have a conference dedicated specifically to this topic, this is why we started to organise Craft in 2014.



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  • Ericsson


  • Alf Rehn //Alvaro Videla //Amber Case //Camille Fournier //Dan North //David Nolen //Grady Booch //James Lewis //Jeff Lindsay //Jeremy Edberg //Jessica Kerr //John Willis //Kyle Kingsbury //Mac Devine //Marty Cagan //Mary Poppendieck //Michael Feathers //Michael Nygard //Mitchell Hashimoto //Neha Narula //Sandro Mancuso //Sean Cribbs //Simon Brown //Trisha Gee //Viktor Klang - Featured Speakers

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