AIME20 Workshop

Artificial Intelligence Academia-Industry Matching Event Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Scientific computing ONLINE Workshop. The aim of this event is to bring together Academic researchers and Industry experts to share ideas, potential applications and fostering collaborations in the newly emerging field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, High Performance Computing and their application.


26 November,  13:30 Opening (10′) Dr. Péter József Lévai, Director General Wigner RCP, Hungary 13.40 Life beyond the pixels: single-cell analysis using machine learning and image analysis methods Dr. Péter Horváth, BRC Szeged, Hungary 14:10 Greeting words (10′) Dr. István Szabó, Deputy President, NKFIH, Hungary 14:20 Taming neural networks with TUSLA: Non-convex learning via adaptive stochastic gradient Langevin algorithms (25′) Attila Lovas – Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics, Hungary 14:45 Methods for Interpreting Text Autoencoders (25′) Bálint Gyires-Tóth – BME, Hungary 15:10 break (20′) 15:30 Representation and control: linear or nonlinear dimensionality reduction? (25′) Sandro Mussa-Ivaldi – Northwestern Univ., USA 15:55 Hastlayer – Implementing on Xilinx Alveo Accelerator Cards (35′) Ernő David, Zoltán Lehóczky – Wigner RCP; Lombiq Technologies Ltd., Hungary 16:30 Conversational AI Technology – Business Applications (25′) Nadia Kaloyanova – TechnologyValley, Bulgaria

27 November, 09:00 The first year of the Hungarian Artificial Intelligence National Laboratory (MILAB) (25′) András Benczúr – SZTAKI, Hungary 09:25 The Hungarian AI strategy (25′) László Boa – Hungarian Artificial Intelligence Coalition, Hungary 09:50 nucleAIzer: nucleus segmentation with DL & image style transfer (35′) Réka Hollandi – BRC, Szeged, Hungary 10:25 break (20′) 10:45 Considerations and Applications for HPC, Machine Learning and AI technologies for accelerating scientific discovery at next generation research infrastructures (25′) Jonathan Taylor – European Spallation Source ERIC, Sweden 11:10 Deep calibration (25′) Gábor Fath – Morgan Stanley, Hungary 11:35 Two years into the ESS Control System Machine Learning Project (25′) Karin Rathsman – European Spallation Source ERIC, Sweden 12:00 lunch break (60′) Afternoon 13:00 Superfeminine and Supermasculine Connections of the Human Brain (35′) Vince Grolmusz – ELTE, Hungary 13:35 Machine Learning in Government Bond Trading (25′) György Ottucsák – Morgan Stanley, Hungary 14:00 Market liquidity, order book dynamics and machine learning (25′) Balázs Meszéna – Optiver Europe (on leave), Hungary 14:25 VPNet: Variable Projection Networks (25′) Péter Kovács – ELTE, Hungary 14:50 break (20′) 15:10 Playing detective: Dissecting silent failures of Deep Learning models for 3D Point Clouds (25′) Robert-Zsolt Kabai – Continental, Hungary 15:35 Insights to Hit to Lead (25′) Ivan Stankov – AI Incovered Ltd, Bulgaria 16:00 Hardness of planning and learning with linear function approximation in reinforcement learning (35′) Csaba Szepesvari – DeepMind, Univ. Alberta, USA


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  • András Benczúr Institute for Computer Science and Control András Lőrincz Eötvös Loránd University Antal Jakovác Wigner RCP - Programming Committee
  • András Telcs, Chair Wigner RCP Jean-Marie Le Goff, Chair CERN Péter Lévai Wigner RCP István Csabai Eötvös Loránd University Ildikó Bárányi BRRG ELKH TKI - Organizing Committee

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