AAATE 2015

A 13. európai Asszisztív Technológiák Konferencia. Az AAATE egyik alapító tagja, egyben magyar képviselője Arató András. Az AAATE (Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe) konferencia sorozat 1990-től 2 évente tart rendezvényeket, az egyenlő lehetőségekért UN célkitűzés elérése érdekében. A 2015-ös konferencia jelszava: “Attracting new Areas and Bridges”.

Welcome speech:

The 13th edition of the AAATE biennial conference will be held September 9th-12th, 2015, in Budapest, Hungary. The conference will take place at the Budapest Congress Centre. We are confident that our professional colleagues from the University of Pannonia, Veszprém and the John von Neumann Computer Society, supported by the experienced conference team of the Diamond Congress Ltd. in Budapest will ensure the high conference quality you have come to expect. Throughout the years the AAATE conference has established itself as a leading forum in the transdisciplinary area of Assistive Technology (AT) and Accessibility. One of the main objectives of the AAATE 2015 Conference is to bring together different stakeholders in technology and disability – researchers, manufacturers, service providers, teachers, professionals in health and social care, as well as end users, to combine their knowledge, expertise, needs and expectations and to contribute in a multidisciplinary way to increasing the quality of life of people with disabilities and the ageing population. We would like to invite everyone to join us and discuss recent developments and future AT plans in Budapest. The slogan of the AAATE 2015 conference is “Attracting new areas and building bridges”. It reflects both the intention to reach out to Eastern-Europe and to target a wider audience of professionals interested in the relationship between technology and disability, in particular those involved in partially overlapping fields, such as Ambient Assisted Living, Universal Design, e-Accessibility, Technology in Social Care, Person-Centred Technology. Also colleagues responsible for the training of the future specialist of the field are an important target group.

Keynote speakers:

Sofia Kalman:  What makes it tick? Components of the effective use of AAC.

Penny Standen: Designing dedicated assistive technology or adapting mainstream  technology?

Mike Paciello: E-Accessibility:Achieving Pervasive Inclusion

Laura Evans & Sally Fowler Davis: Assistive Technology in Rehabilitation.


Rendező szervek:


  • Sikné Lányi Cecília - Konferencia elnöke
  • János Áder - High Patron
  • Zoltán Balogh - Patron
  • István Tallós - Patron
  • Sofia Kalman, Penny Standen, Mike Paciello, Laura Evans, Sally Fowler Davis - Keynote speakers

Kiadvány adatai:

Assistive Technology. Building Bridges. Eds.: Cecilia Sík-Lányi, Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf, Klaus Miesenberg, Peter Cudd. IOS Press. ISBN 978-1-61499-565-4

Külön kötetben megjelent a Final program & Book of abstracts is. ISBN 978-615-5270-19-2, az előbb megnevezettek szerkesztésében. iTA/1344. A kiadvány digitálisan itt olvasható.


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