MFDBS 1989

Mathematical Fundamentals of Database Systems c. konferencia



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MFDBS 89 2nd Symposium on Mathematical Fundamentals of Database Systems, Visegrad, Hungary, June 26-30, 1989. Proceedings Janos Demetrovics (editor), Bernhard Thalheim (editor). Springer.

ISBN: 9783540461821.

This volume is a collection of the most important contributions presented at the second MFDBS conference held in Visegrád, Hungary, June 26-30, 1989. The papers selected from more than one hundred submissions, originating from 23 countries in 4 continents, can be roughly divided into the following sections: theoretical fundamentals of relational databases, logical foundations and databases, data modelling, database design, deductive databases, transaction management and security, concurrency control and distributed databases. The volume reflects the current state of knowledge and is a guide to further development in database theory.

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FoIKS took up the tradition of the conference series Mathematical Fundamentals of Database Systems (MFDBS), which initiated East – West collaboration in the field of database theory. The first MFDBS conferences were held in Rostock (Germany) in 1991, Visegrad (Hungary) in 1989, and Dresden (Germany) in 1987.

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