GPU Day – 2019

GPU Day 2019 – THE FUTURE OF COMPUTING, GRAPHICS AND DATA ANALYSIS.  The now 10 years old GPU Laboratory of the Wigner Research Centre for Physics together with the Faculty of Informatics of the Eötvös Loránd University are organizing the 9th GPU Day dedicated to the fields of massively parallel computing, visualization and data analysis in scientific and industrial applications.

TOPICS INCLUDE: Current status and near-future of parallel and high-performance hardware and software Many-core computing in physics and other fields of science Medical applications of parallel technologies Graphics, rendering and image synthesis Machine Learning, Neural Networks, feature recognition Image processing, computer vision and reconstruction Industrial applications Quantum computing Computing and visualization in education Mobile and embedded computing Emerging accelerator platforms Development technologies (languages, compilers, tools)


Rendező szervek:


  • Michael Wong - The future direction of SYCL and C++ Heterogeneous Programming - Keynote speaker
  • Turning software into computer chips – Hastlayer Zoltán Lehóczky Lombiq Ltd. Multi-GPU Sensor Simulation Pipeline Balázs Teréki AImotive Ltd. Head to the Exascale … Tibor Temesi Silicon Computers Ltd. Random Number Generation on GPUs Kiss István StreamHPC Ltd. Supercomputing on-demand Gábor Varga Microsoft Hungary Ltd. Determinism and Low-Latency GPU Scheduling in OpenCL Balázs Keszthelyi V-Nova Ltd. Purely Functional GPU Programming with Futhark Troels Henriksen University of Copenhagen Functional Programming boosting scientific and industrial research Thomas Ortner VRVis Zentrum für Virtual Reality und Visualisierung Solving the Kuramoto Oscillator Model on Random Graphs Jeffrey Kelling Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf - Kulcs előadók

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