Craft Conference 2023

The CraftHub team works passionately on creating conferences where people can learn from top-notch experts through talk sessions, discussions and workshops. Attendees get the chance to share their knowledge and learn about the latest tools, methods and practices in fields like Artificial Intelligence, Software Development, Data, User Experience, Product Management and Leadership in the heart of Central – Eastern Europe, Hungary.

Craft is an inclusive conference about software craft, giving tools, methods and practices that can be used in the life of a modern developer or company. This conference serves as a compass on new technologies and trends shared by international experts.

A konferencia előtt (05.16 – 05.17) és után (05.22 – 05.23) workshopokat tartottak

A konferencia honlapja itt látható.




Budapest/Vasúttörténeti Park

  • SUSANNE KAISER Independent Tech Consultant at Susanne Kaiser Tech Consulting - Jimmy Nilsson JIMMY NILSSON Co-Founder, CEO and Consultant at factor10 - Linda Rising LINDA RISING Independent consultant - Dave Farley DAVE FARLEY Founder and Director at Continuous Delivery - Daniel Terhorst-North DANIEL TERHORST-NORTH Principal Consultant at Dan North & Associates Ltd - Ire Aderinokun IRE ADERINOKUN Co-Founder, COO, VP Engineering at Helicarrier - David Leitner DAVID LEITNER Principal Engineer at SQUER Solutions - Tejas Shikhare TEJAS SHIKHARE Senior Software Engineer at Netflix - Michael Nygard MICHAEL NYGARD VP of Data Engineering & Founder at Nubank & N6 Consulting - Markus Kuppe MARKUS KUPPE Principal Research Software Development Engineer at Microsoft - Jason Yip JASON YIP Staff Agile Coach at Spotify - David Bernstein DAVID BERNSTEIN Principal Technical Consultant at To Be Agile James Stanier JAMES STANIER Director of Engineering at Shopify - Daniel Bryant DANIEL BRYANT Head of Developer Relations at Ambassador Labs - Sigurdur Birgisson SIGURDUR BIRGISSON Quality Leader at Inter IKEA IPEX - Manuel Pais MANUEL PAIS IT Organizational consultant & trainer at Team Topologies - Katie Gamanji KATIE GAMANJI Senior Kubernetes Field Engineer at Apple Craft 2023 - Heidi Helfand HEIDI HELFAND Principal Consultant and Coach at - James Shore JAMES SHORE Agile Consultant and Coach & Co-Creator at Agile Fluency® Model - Kenny Baas-Schwegler KENNY BAAS-SCHWEGLER Software Architect and IT Architecture consultant (via Xebia) at DASH - Mark Thompson MARK THOMPSON Senior Developer Relations Engineer at Google - Lena Reinhard LENA REINHARD Leadership Coach to Managers & Executives, Consultant, Trainer - Ainsley Escorce-Jones AINSLEY ESCORCE-JONES Staff Software Engineer at Stripe - Jacopo Romei JACOPO ROMEI Independent Strategy Consultant & Lead Venture Builder at Innoleaps - Llewellyn Falco LLEWELLYN FALCO Founder & Consultant at Spun Laboratories Inc. - Joseph Pelrine JOSEPH PELRINE Agile Psychologist - Kevlin Henney KEVLIN HENNEY Thought Provoker at Curbralan - Nick Tune NICK TUNE Tech Consultant at Independent - Randy Shoup RANDY SHOUP VP Engineering and Chief Architect at eBay - Aslam Khan ASLAM KHAN Software Developer at FoldLeft - Bernd Rücker BERND RÜCKER Co-Founder and Chief Technologist at Camunda - Gojko Adzic GOJKO ADZIC Partner at Neuri Consulting LLP Craft 2023 - Neuri Consulting LLP - Venkat Subramaniam VENKAT SUBRAMANIAM Founder at Agile Developer - Emily Webber EMILY WEBBER Agile/Lean Consultant at Tacit - Patrick Kua PATRICK KUA Advisory Board Member at TIER Mobility - Sam Newman SAM NEWMAN Independent consultant, author - Jurgen Appelo JURGEN APPELO Owner at Happy Melly - Iccha Sethi ICCHA SETHI Director Of Engineering at GitHub - Jim Barton JIM BARTON Field Engineer at - Arlo Belshee ARLO BELSHEE Engineering Leader at Dig Deep Roots - Steve Smith STEVE SMITH Head of Scale service at Equal Experts - Adam Tornhill ADAM TORNHILL Founder at CodeScene - Simon Brown SIMON BROWN Independent Consultant at Coding the Architecture - előadók
  • Wodicska Gergely - Programbizottság elnöke

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