5th International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns. CAIP is a series of biennial international conferences devoted to all aspects of computer vision, image analysis and processing, pattern recognition, and related fields.The scientific program of a conference consists of keynote lectures, oral presentations in a single track and posters. The proceedings are published in the LNCS of Springer. A selection of proceedings papers are published in an extended form in a special issue of a journal after the conference.



  • Elnökök: Csetverikov Dimitrij, G. Sommer

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Proceedings – Lecture Notes in Computer Science v. 719 (Paperback) by Dmitry Chetverikov, Walter G. Kropatsch

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CAIP has been held biennially since 1985 as follows: Nr/Year Location Dates Chair(s) Proceedings 18/2019 Salerno, Italy Sept 3-5 Mario Vento and Gennaro Percannella LNCS 11678-11679 17/2017 Ystad, Sweden Aug 22-24 Michael Felsberg, Anders Heyden, Norbert Krueger LNCS 10424-10425 16/2015 Valletta, Malta Sept 2-4 George Azzopardi and Nicolai Petkov LNCS 9256-9257 15/2013 York, UK Aug 27-29 Edwin Hancock, Adrian Bors, Will Smith, and Richard Wilson LNCS 8047-8048 14/2011 Seville, Spain Aug 29-31 Walter Kropatsch and Pedro Real Jurado LNCS 6854-6855 13/2009 Münster, Germany Sep 2-4 Xiaoyi Jiang and Nicolai Petkov LNCS 5702 12/2007 Vienna, Austria Aug 27-29 Walter Kropatsch and Martin Kampel LNCS 4673 11/2005 Paris, France Sep 5-8 André Gagalowicz LNCS 3691 10/2003 Groningen, The Netherlands Aug 25-27 Nicolai Petkov and Michel Westenberg LNCS 2756 9/2001 Warsaw, Poland Sep 5-7 Wladyslaw Skarbek LNCS 2124 8/1999 Ljubljana, Slovenia Sep 1-3 Franc Solina and Ales Leonardis LNCS 1689 7/1997 Kiel, Germany Sep 10-12 Gerald Sommer, Konstantinos Daniilidis and Josef Pauli LNCS 1296 6/1995 Prague, Czech Republic Sep 6-8 Václav Hlavác and Radim Sára LNCS 970 5/1993 Budapest, Hungary Sep 13-15 Dmitry Chetverikov and Walter Kropatsch LNCS 719 4/1991 Dresden, Germany Sep 17-19 Reinhard Klette Akademie Verlag 3/1989 Leipzig, Germany Sep 8-10 Klaus Voss, Dmitry Chetverikov and Gerald Sommer Akademie Verlag 2/1987 Wismar, Germany Sep 2-4 L. P. Iaroslavskii, Azriel Rosenfeld and Wolfgang Wilhelmi Akademie Verlag 1/1985 Berlin, Germany Oct 17-18 Reinhard Klette Kammer der Technik://5th International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns

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