The Hungarian IT History Collections, launched in 2013 by the IT History Forum of the John von Neumann Computer Science Society, is a repository of key information and documents related to the history of information technologies and their applications in Hungary. This includes the basics of computer engineering, and computer science, (hardware, software, and tools used in computer applications,) national databases and e-systems. Information and documents related to communications technology, electronic measurement and testing devices, electronic media, or automation are included only in reference to computer applications.

The collection is developed and updated in close collaboration with the IT History Exhibition in Szeged, another initiative of the John von Neumann Computer Science Society aimed at preserving the treasures of the past.

The collection is a continuing work in progress. The editorial staff of the iTF invites visitors to the website to contribute to the expansion and improvement of the collection either through active participation in the editing or through the submission of new information. Entry forms can be found for each of the above categories.